America return to wisdom!

U.S. experience in the Korean War, the war was lost by United States Army, is an example that should give pause for thought.
Vietnam War! War in Afghanistan! War in Iraq! The war in Yugoslavia. All these wars have not brought anything good or the United States and the rest of the world.

Korean War began the day 25 June 1950. On July 27, 1953 they signed a truce.ăzboiul_din_Coreea

1.Coreea. It is true that Korean War veterans have remained few. I was born in 1954 and I know about this conflict that we learn from history books. I know the American people did not agree with this war!

2.Vietnam. Those my age remember well the movements against the war in Vietnam, the whole world! They produced a wave of other veterans! High costs to the U.S. government. Global antipathy.

3. Afghanistan! That have been criticized Russia entered the war. The U.S. government financed the Taliban to defeat the Red Army! So Osama bin Laden became the head of the Taliban. Al-Qaeda enemy America. Indirectly, America financed the ones who destroyed the Twin Towers of World Trade Center in New York! The war in Afghanistan did not end. I’m sure there will be over soon! High costs for America. Global antipathy. Solidarity of Muslim fundamentalists!
4. Yugoslavia. High costs, dislike people from the neighborhood. Writing here trying to be objective. When we heard bombs exploding in Novi Sad, and I’ve hated Americans. I was Romanian sailor, working on the Romanian ship on the Danube! I still do not love you anymore! It destroyed the bridge that knew him for decades. They destroyed an economically prosperous country under a regime that Moscow opposed. It was better if we let the Europeans to solve their problems! Here Americans have encouraged Albanian Muslim extremists!

I regret to say, but a common mistake is with Afghanistan.

5.lrak. The war originally started as a U.S. intelligence said Iraq has an atomic weapon!

It was a pretext for removing Saddam from Iraq’s leadership! Why? Iraqi oil was increasingly difficult to access America!

Many had lost. Romanian state, agreeing to în2028 Iraq debt rescheduling. companies had to pay the Romanian economic activities in Iraq played to the amount of 112 .000.000. U $. But Romania lose more. Lrak disrupt military expenditures in Romanians lose millions of dollars that will not ever be recovered.

It is true that U.S. companies will take over the reconstruction work in Iraq and will make large profits.

6.Coreea. The current conflict between the two Koreas, is quite serious. I think it would be best to let Chinese people to resolve it. I’m in the area have similar cultures! It is true that the U.S. is afraid of losing influence in the area. Perhaps the loss of military bases here.

If American diplomacy would treat the subject with the Chinese diplomacy would eventually find ways to solve common.

Should America reconsider its attitude to the world’s policeman.

Since the Second World War America was no longer liked the interventions of other wars. But no war has not taken place on American soil during the last century!

I will say that war Europe and Yugoslavia, had effects on human health of neighboring countries. Agriculture was also lost. Frequent rain led to the disappearance of some crops. Orchards have dried whole. Novi-Sad name means „new plantations.” They have never yielded fruits after the war.

One factor resulting from these wars is environmental pollution. Chernobyl was a minor point compared to the pollution caused by the five wars mentioned. Think of Agent Orange in Vietnam!

I think these views are common sense and objective.

I still believe that America is able to understand diplomacy: these are areas where others can better address crisis situations!

Teapa Popa Yours

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