Declinul democratiei liberale si lupta anticoruptie

Motanul Incaltat

Iata un interesant articol pe care l-am citit pe saitul CEPA (Center for European Policy Analysis) semnat de Corina Rebegea:

Bad news for liberal democracy in CEE

„Freedom House’s Nations in Transit 2016 report highlights the decline of liberal democracy in both Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Eurasia. But the bad news is not necessarily in the numbers, although the report notes worrisome setbacks. Rather, it’s the gradual erosion of the structure of liberal democracy that has seemingly spread across the region. For CEE in particular, this erosion strikes at the core of the post-Cold War liberal democratic order. Historically, this region has been crucial for European security and stability—an area of geostrategic confrontation and a testing ground for state-building and political experimentation. The same is still true today.

The problem child remains Hungary, which has seen a spectacular decline since 2006. But this year, domestic governance in

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