„8 Tips On How To Buy A Printer!” Enrich yourself using CISS products, listening to their advice

I wrote in my article „What Is The CISS And How Does It Work ?With CISS you can enrich yourself!” about the advantages of using CISS system.
Today I will try to tell You how to choose a printer when you buy . Principles that should lead you to buy a good printer, cheap and long life of use.

First you should consider whether you can use the CISS system at this printer. The printer that you want and buy it!

Pay special attention to consumables : If you want to know which printers are compatible with CISS, you must visit this site With CISS you can enrich yourself!. Here you will find all the information necessary for you, to make the right choice. If you can not find on this site, read the article. You will see how I solved the problem, for my printer Canon Pixma MP 270.

Avoid printers using consumables with the print head “built in” the cartridge. This cartridges, breaks down  quickly. You can visit  website www. cissmarket.com to familiarize yourself with compatible models.

Printer vs. Multifunction device? Yes, these multifunction devices are very good.  They perform many operations, but also the system of printing is high quality.

Regarding the printing system, preferably one with inkjet. Why? Because the printer is working, both, color and black and white. Color laser printers are very expensive.  I recommend you, inkjet printers, because the CISS system make  cheaper maintenance costs.

I have  multifunctional device Canon Pixma MP 270 . The first time,  when this device was over, I wrote the article:  Bravo Canon! Canon = préservatif. Jetables!Bravo Canon imprimante canon=prezervativ!Unica folosinta!. When I heard about CISS, I made a very large economy: I have reused other multifunction devices, Canon 270 with this system. When I will can not use anymore  them, I will try to buy those recommended by the CISS Market, ie Canon MG5150/MG5250 and Epson Stylus SX235/SX425/SX525.

It is true, I had to buy, other devices CISS. I will buy either Canon CISS, or CISS Epson, depending on the printer that I will buy. However I already made a profit with my old printer MP 270, using CISS  and I will try to buy another new one, more efficient and less noisy. I wrote about multifunctional devices that I am interested in. Cissmarket multifunctional devices recommended for all types of activities. A cheap and good sistem , it seems to me to be CISS HP. Can be used in most quality printers.

I recommend you read „8 Tips On Buying A Printer” for more information and advice.   I wrote these lines because I was excited about their invention. At the same time I have seen that, they seek to inform customers better about their products. An informed person is smarter, and richer.

Enrich yourself using  CISS products, listening to their advice

Come and buy you! Veniţi şi voi de cumpăraţi: Alioşa Popovici, Amza Carmen, Bogdan Marinescu, Cati Lupaşcu, Patarnoiu Dana, Fragmentarium, Theodora Marinescu, Ioan Usca, Ionuţ Iancu, Ionuţ Pavel, LUPTA DE CLASĂ, Sibilla Sfinxuita, Stanoiu Constantin, Teodora, Theodora0303, Un virus “bulivardier Popalumi

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  1. Desi englezeasca mea-i in grea suferinta, neica goagal traducatoru’ m-a ajutat sa ma dumiresc despre ce-ar fi vorba! In tot cazul, sfaturile despre criteriile de care trebuie sa tii cont cand iti alegi o imprimanta, merita a fi tinute-n seama!
    Asta cand vor fi si ceva banuti pentru achizitionarea uneia! O seara faina!


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